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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2006|12:16 pm]
[Current Mood |refreshedrefreshed]
[Current Music |Bow Wow - let me hold you down]

what do you check out first when you check someone out?

Their face. Whether or not im attracted...then i give them the head to toe look
to see whether or not i like their style or even if they got any style

what is the least favorite part of your body?

right now my calves's...tryin' to get them bitches toned up for the summer

dolly or loretta?

who the hell is doll and loretta??

things you envy from the opposite sex.

That their so damn dumb and still get girls that deserve better them

3 things you really don't envy from the opposite sex.

I could get their girl if i wanted
Only gay boys and niggas know how to dress
Any girl is smarter then any guy

which one of the 7 deadly sins do you practice the most?

um....what are tha 7?

have you ever had an eating disorder?

hell no.

when was the last time you made out with a stranger?

haha...probably when i first met britt....WHOA...awkward as a mutha asshole

are you gonna call him/her?

she called me...what you kno about that.

is he/she gonna call you?

sheeee diiiiiid

what kind of drunk are you?

depends on how much i've had to drink...cuz im known
to get out of control if ive had a lil too much...Which is gonna change!
But i like to have fun and get a lil crazy here and there and make
a fool of myself for other peoples pleasure haha

have you ever had a drug problem?


if yes , what drug(s)?

how long have you gone without having sex?

a month or 2...idk

without eating?
like 3 days bro...ftbs

without sleeping?

over 2 days

when was the last time you did cocaine?
mannn its been a good 24 hours. lmao...im kidding i dont do that shit

when was the last time you smoked weed?

last night....whooooooops! haha

what does your hair look like now?

3 articles of clothing that will never go out of style.
* Males: the prep look
* Females:
  the slut look lmao

would you ever have cosmetic surgery?
nope...none a that

when was the last time you stole something?

hmm i dont that shit

do you think girls deserve more respect just cause they are girls?

of course i do

what is your favorite night to go out?
friday night!!

do you wanna be rich and/or famous?
hell yea i do

who is your hero/role model?

damn...jennifer aniston for letting
the hottest female on the planet steal her husband

whats the most grotesque part of the human body?

i'd have to say that nose. Its a hunk or cartiledge in the middle
of your face just so you can smell. weird.

have you ever found it fun to sniff on your dirty underwear?

haha no cant say i have

do you pee in the shower?

haha no...i go before i get in...cuz sumtimes
i tend to forget to flush haha....gross

do you pick your nose?

when no ones looking. lmao

why do men get skid marks?

ew bcuz their fucking dirty

if you are a man, have you ever tucked your weenie and looked at it in the mirror?

when was your last queef?

LMAO...A minute ago

have you ever been to an orgy?


3 way?

nope...if i felt i needed that i wouldn't be with who i was with

how do you know the person who posted this?


what nationality would you preffer the mother/father of your children to be?

anything as long as they were brown. cuz u kno
i aint down if you aint brown. lmao.

what would you name your kids?

the boy, i'd name him Daeson.
and if i find out sumone i kno
takes that name, im gonna be heated!

name 3 things you cant stand from people?

1. ignorance
2. inconsiderate of others
3. not looking at other people point of views bcuz your too stubborn

what are you doing tonight?
catchin' up with amanda nicole on life.
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is it FRIDAY yet?? [Mar. 22nd, 2006|08:07 pm]
[Current Mood |energeticenergetic]
[Current Music |Rob Thomas - "Ever the Same"]

i got that feeling today...

Like im fallin' 
all over again, 
for her.
Call me crazy, but 
"i could fall asleep in her eyes like a waterbed"
While she's gently holding onto my heart.

"just let me hold you while your falling apart
just let me hold you while we both fall down.
FaLL on me
Tell me everything you want me to be
Forever with you forever in me
Ever the same

We would stand in the wind
We were free like water
Flowing down
Under the warmth of the sun
Now it's cold and we're scared
And we've both been shaken
Hey, look at us
Man,  this doesn't need to be the end

Just let me hold you while you're falling apart

Just let me hold you and we'll both fall down

Fall on me tell me everything you want me to be
Forever with you
Forever in me
Ever the same
Call on me

I'll be there for you and you'll be there for me
Forever it's you
Forever in me
Ever the same"

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suma this and suma that [Mar. 22nd, 2006|01:02 am]
[Current Mood |optimisticoptimistic]

Alright...so i decided to do a lil updation to this.

Man these last few months have had a huge impact on me, fa real.
i cant even begin to explain.
But it was a "learning from your mistakes" kind of experience.
I'm not gonna drop no one's name or put my biz out on blast
but im glad things happened the way they did.
 i am happy where im at right now.
I'll always be happy where im at, because im the type to be nothin' but happy.
im healthy, im breathing, i can run, i can love and i can still make people laugh.
The only thing that has changed is 
im single.
To some people that word is scary...
No one like's to be alone and not have no one to cuddle with
or to kiss your significant other whenever you want
or even to just have sumone to call your own.
But shit happen's for a reason, you jus' gotta learn to deal.
im dealing...so that must make me a dealer?
ha ha.
i like to be optimistic
about everything that comes my way.

I came across this dudes myspace the other day and
he was in a serious accident while playing football
and became a quadrapalegic.
He's only 20 years old and no longer can use
his arms or legs.
And that just tore me up.
It's crazy the shit that can happen within' seconds
and totally change your entire life.
But i got nuthin but respect for him on having the strength to go on with life.

always remember...

"every passing minute is a chance to change everything"

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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2005|10:54 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |all american rejects - the last song]

What is your name?: Sammy mae
Are you named after anyone?: tha gramps name was sam and my mom middle name is mae
What's your screename?: trublue3408
Would you name a child of yours after you?: yea
If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?: sam? shit idk
If you could switch names with a friend who would it be?: nobody i like my name
Are there any mispronounciations/typos that people do with your name?: no
Would you drop your last name if you became famous?: probably


Your gender::  Female
Straight/Gay/Bi: i like them girls
Single?: yup

If not, do you want to be?:
Birthdate:: Jan 2FOUR 86
Your age:: 19
Age you act:: i think i act my age, what u think?

Age you wish you were:: i jus wish i was a lil kid when i had no worries
Your height:: 5' 11ish
Eye color:: brown but bust out them blue contacts every now n then
Happy with it?: yea
Hair color:: dark brown 

Happy with it?: well i dont got a prob. with it, so yea
Lefty/righty/ambidextrous:: righty
Your living arrangement:: Livin with tha older sis right now, till i start school ill be livin with my other sis
Have any pets?: runt
What's your job?: part a tha LTF crew (lifetime fitness...incase u aint up on that)
Piercings?: ears n tounge
Tattoos?: on my back
Obsessions?: HmmMmmm...........
Addictions?: my cell
Do you speak another language?: nope well...a lil bit a that spanish
Have a favorite quote?: Always hope for the best, But expect the worse.
Do you have a webpage?: myspace

Deep Thoughts About Life and Who In It? i always got deeps thoughts about life  but u wanna kno with who? Get at me.

Do you live in the moment?: i try to
Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?: fuck. i try 2 be
Do you have any secrets?: couple
Do you hate yourself?: no
Do you like your handwriting?: yea
Do you have any bad habits?: hmmm not anymore
What is the compliment you get from most people? my smile and my personality
If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?: will never lose interest
What's your biggest fear?: losing sumone i love
Can you sing?: oh yess 
Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?: no i dont
Are you a loner?: no but bein a loner would mean less drama.
What are your #1 priorities in life?: my family
If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: yeaaaaa def!!
Are you a daredevil?: i can be
Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?: i care way 2 much, sumtimes i wish i was just st8 up careless.
Are you passive or agressive?: both
Do you have a journal?: yea....got one a them live journals
What is your greatest strength and weakness?: strength - gettin over shit. Weakness - i care too fuckin much
Do you think you are emotionally strong?: yea
Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?: not yet
Do you think life has been good so far?: so far, yea. But could be better.
What is the most important lesson you've learned from life?: i think too many people take life for granted. you only have one life and live it with no fears and learn from your mistakes.

What do you like the most about your body?: the arms
And least?: shiiit....the upper legs...they a lil bit not TAN
Do you think you are good looking?: Dont want to sounde conceited, but yea.

Are you confident?: very
What is the fictional character you are most like? no idea
Are you perceived wrongly?: sumtimes

Do You...

Smoke?: no and i dont like smokers
Do drugs?: no and i dont like druggies
Read the newspaper?: usually
Pray?: yeah

Go to church?: no
Talk to strangers who IM you?: no
Sleep with stuffed animals?: no
Take walks in the rain?: yeah
Talk to people even though you hate them?: very rarely
Drive?: yea
Like to drive fast?: yea

Would or Have You Ever?

Liked your voice?: yes
Hurt yourself?: hell no
Been out of the country?: yup
Eaten something that made other people sick?: probably
Been in love?: yeah
Done drugs?: yeah
Gone skinny dipping?:
Had a medical emergency?: yea when i was jus a lil one
Had surgery?: no
Ran away from home?: no
Played strip poker?: yea
Gotten beaten up?: no
Beaten someone up?: yea
Been picked on?: no
Been on stage?: yea

Slept outdoors?: yea...
Thought about suicide?: ew fuck no
Pulled an all nighter?: many times
If yes, what is your record?: def. more then 48 hours
Gone one day without food?: yes
Talked on the phone all night?: yeah
Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex?: yeah
Slept all day? : yea
Killed someone?: no
Made out with a stranger?: yea....a hott one ;)
Had sex with a stranger?: hell no
Thought you're going crazy?: shit, yea.
Kissed the same sex?: more than once
Been betrayed?: yea
Had a dream that came true?: amazingly, yea.
Broken the law?: ya
Met a famous person?: ya
Have you ever killed an animal by accident?: yeah...... :(
On purpose?: no fucker
Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?: uhh ....yea....
Stolen anything?: sumones heart
Been on radio/tv?:  yea
Been in a mosh-pit?: yea
Had a nervous breakdown?: me?? no!
Bungee jumped?: no
Had a dream that kept coming back?: yes


Belive in life on other planets?: yea
Miracles?: yup
Astrology?: yes
Magic?: to some extent
God?: naw, but im not against anyone who does
Satan?: same as above
Santa?: cmon now
Ghosts?: yeah def.!
Luck?: yes
Love at first sight?: YES
Yin and yang (that good cant exist w/o bad)?: Yes
Witches?: no
Easter bunny?: siodut
Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?: yes
Believe theres a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?: ofcourse
Do you wish on stars?: yea, all the time


Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?: yea
Who is your best friend?: brittany

Who's the one person that knows most about you?: brittany
What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you?: dont ever depend on anyone but yourself
Your favorite inside joke?: damn....2 many

Thing you're picked on most about?: the p status
Who's your longest known friend?: matthew
Last person you talked to online?: amber
Who do you talk to most online?: aJ* or britt
Who are you on the phone with most?: my voicemail
Who do you trust most?: b taft
Who listens to your problems?: katie

Who do you fight most with?: britt
Who's the nicest?: was melissa . . .
Who's the most outgoing?: ramon

Who's the best singer?: brittany
Who's on your shit-list?: dont have a shit list. i just delete the assholes
Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend?: sure
Who's your second family?: the barrios's
Do you always feel understood?: no
Who's the loudest friend?: brittany
Do you trust others easily?: def....NOT
Who's house were you last at? B's
Do your friends know you?: yea
Friend that lives farthest away: amanda, katie, jenn, ashley.....but soon will be livin closest to em

Love and All That

Do you consider love a mistake?: depends
What do you find romantic?: the little things
If someone you had no interest in had interest dating you how would you feel?: scared
Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going out?: yea i def. do
Have you ever wished it was more socially acceptable for a girl to ask a guy out?: dont matter to me
Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive?: never
Do you think the opposite/same sex finds you good looking?: yea
What is best about the opposite/same sex?: eyes, smile, personality, the way they laugh, act....i could go on n on
What is the worst thing about the opposite/same sex?: shit...2 much 2 much
What's the last present someone gave you?: shit....i dont even kno?
Are you in love?: idk?
Do you consider your significant other hot?: um... dont have one.

Who Was the Last Person...
That haunted you?: idk?
You wanted to kill?: no one
That you laughed at?: tara
That laughed at you?: tara kris n devon
That turned you on?: who knows
You went shopping with?: myself
That broke your heart?:
To disappoint you?: no comment
To ask you out?:  .  . . .

To make you cry?: ?
To brighten up your day?: devon
That you thought about?: my mom
You saw a movie with?: tara
You talked to on the phone?: katie
You talked to through IM/ICQ?: britt
You saw?: kris
You lost?:

Right This Moment...
Are you going out?: no
Will it be with your significant other?: no asshole
Or some random person?: yea asshole
What are you wearing right now?: shorts n wifebeater
Body part you're touching right now:: scratched my shoulder
What are you worried about right now?: my mom....
What book are you reading?: none
What's on your mousepad?: just a plain blue one

Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling: tired, annoyed, sad, scared, and hopeful
Are you bored?: not really
Are you tired?: yea
Are you talking to anyone online?: no ones on i wanna talk to
Are you talking to anyone on the phone?: was
Are you lonely or content?: content
Are you listening to music?: no

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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2005|09:51 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]
[Current Music |sum 41 - pieces]

thought i'd do anuther one a these. . .and get my mind off sumthings

Do u believe in?:
*God?: no
*True Love?: yes
*Fate?: yes
*An After life?: there has to be
*Inside beauty?: yup
*Hate?: no but i believe in dislike

Do you have?:
*A bike?: yea
*A house?: yea
*A TV in your room?: yea
*Any Pets?: runt
*A Job?: yuuuuup
*A Girlfriend/Boyfriend?: noooope
*Garden?: the momma does
*Friends?: yea
*A family?: a family that i love dearly
*A Godmother/Godfather?: did
*A Phobia?: a lil bit
*A DVD player?: yea
*Cable?: yea

Do you like?:
*Diet Coke?: nope
*School?: yup ;o)
*Your Parents?: loooove them
*Your Friends?: most of em
*Reading?: hmm depends on what its about
*Writing?: yea usually i guess
*Harry Potter?: my lil devon is watchin it ryte now
*Livejournals?: yea its summin to do on this mutha fucka
*Comedy Movies?: yup
*TV?: when laguna beach is on
*Homework?: gotta do wha u gotta do
*Shopping?: yup
*Talking?: yeah
*Spiders?: helllllll no
*Eating?: love it
*Sleeping?: love that too
*The Simpsons?: havent watched em in a long time
*Avril Lavigne?: not really
*Holdens?: whhha?
*Fords?: naw
*Music?: yeeeeess
*Acting?: hah i dont think so
*Singing?: ah like it
*Dancing?: drop it like its hot
*Surveys?: on days like this yea

Are you?
*Scared of the dark?: no
*Female/male?: ima female
*Rich?: shiit i wouldnt be on here if i was
*Beatiful?: i believe so
*Scary?: i can be from what im told
*Funny?: cmon now, you dont need to ask sammy mae that question
*Annoying?: me? nevvvver
*Boring?: nawww
*Lovable?: very
*Sexy?: u kno it
*Revengful?: i try not to be but i guess i can be at time
*Aggressive?: no
*Worried alot?: try not to
*Happy?: um define happy for me
*Sad?: ...
*Depressed?: i dont think so
*Suicidal?: hell no
*Scared?: yeah
*A coward?: no
*Friendly?: yea..
*Unforgivable?: very
*Upset?: a little
*Hungry?: no
*Thirsty?: ya a lil
*Patient?: usually
*Loud?: can be
*Quiet?: can be
*Confidant?: definitly
*Shy?: can be

Have you ever?:
*Sweared at a teacher?: on accident
*Ran away from home?: nope
*Had no friends?: nope
*Completely & utterly embarrassed yourself?: shit...who hasnt?
*Gone out in public wearing something u don't feel comfortable wearing?: yea
*Gone to a pub?: yup
*Gone the day without having any food whatsoever?: went a couple days . . wasnt my choice
*Ditched school?: yea a few times
*Stayed up 2 nights in a row with no sleep?: yea im "down" for nething...lol
*Killed someone?: hell no
*Self harmed yourself?: hell no again
*Done something dangerous that your friends dared you to do?: yeaa
*Broke a door?: hmm nope
*Lied about your age or name?: hmm yyup
*Created a survey yourself?: never
*Stole something?: yeah
*Kissed someone of the same sex?: yesssss mam
*Bullied someone for fun?: yeah . . .

What do you like better?:
*Pillow or quilt?: pillow
*Rat or mouse?: neither
*Shorts or pants?: shorts
*Cats or dogs?: cats
*Comedy or horror?: both tha same
*Milk or cheese?: milk does the body good
*Birthday or christmas?: christmas
*Girls or boys?: girls even tho their nothing but drama
*Pencil or texts?: texts
*MSN or yahoo?: msn
*Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?: christina baby
*Hilary Duff or Amanda Bynes?: dk dc
*Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey?: jim carrey!!
*Student or teacher?: college girls and hot teachers . . . s o both
*Water melon or rock melon?: watermelo
*Diet Coke or Coca Cola?: coca cola
*Friends or enemies?: friends i dont have enemies, i got people who envy me.
*1 or 9?: 1
*Person or people?: person
*Carpet or concrete?: carpet
*Mega or ultimate?: utlimate dude
*Single or married?: single
*Fat or VERY thin? neither
*Embarrassed or scary?: scurry
*Chicken or pork?: chicken
*Home sick or guilty?: home sick
*Shy or stage fright?: stage fright
*Honda or Toyota?: honda

1 minute ago: i was doin push ups with devon

1 hour ago: i was grubbin

1 day ago: i was beatin britts ass

1 year ago: i was livin with the crazy mexican family

Things I want: my mom to be okay

Songs listened to: sum 41 - pieces

Things accomplished: nothing

Windows open: yeah

Things around the computer: pens, speakers, light, calender

Thoughts of now: my mom :( ...and ofcourse bs

E-mails: like em

Lyric: "If you believe its in my soul, id say all the words that i kno, Jus to see if it would show, that im tryin to let you kno, that im better off on my own"

Random: im tryin to keep it together

Spell your name backwards: eam ymmas

Where do you live?: currently with my sis in garden city

Descibe yourself in three words: caring, fun and unpredictable.

Who is your worst enemy?: i dont have enemies, like i said i got people of envy me.

If you could have ANY animal for a pet, what would it be?: tiger

Nail polish: clear

Handbag: no none a that
Favorite top: wahtevers clever

Favorite pants: like em all

Perfume: gucci

CD in stereo right now: a burned wun

Wearing: basketball shorts n a wifebeater

Hair: up

In my mouth: my tounge ring

In my head: a song

Wishing: my mom will get better

After this: playin with devon
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2005|11:24 pm]
[Current Mood |blahblah]

x Full Name: Samantha MAE Hopkins
x Birthday: january 2four 1986
x Zodiac: aquarius
x What time is it?: 11 25
x What is the date?: August 1st
x Other Names Your Parents Considered: shiiiiit who knows

--------------------Standard Stuff----------------------------

x Eyes: brown
x Hair: ba rown
x Height: 5 11ish
x Who lives with you? right now my sis tara and ray ray
x When is your bedtime? whenever the eyes shut

--------------------In the Last 24 Hours-----------------------

x Cried: no
x Worn jeans: nope
x Met someone new: Actually, yea.
x Done laundry: yeah
x Cursed: ofcouse
x Watched a Movie: yeah
x Went to the movies: yea
x Went shopping: yup
x Gotten sick: nope
x Been kissed: naw
x Given a kiss: naw
x Lied: to myself

----------------------Have You Ever-------------------------

x Missed school cuz of weather: yeah
x Lit urself on fire: helll no, but kno sumone who did...lol
x Kept a secret from everybody: yeah...
x Had an imaginary friend: never needed em
x Ever been in love w/ a friend: yeaa
x Cried during a Movie? sammy mae? cry? i dont think so
x Had crush on an teacher? Yes!! hot teacher THE BEST ;)
x Been on stage: yeah
x Cut your own hair: omg yeah....
x Seen a murder: wth, no.
------------------------Your Firsts------------------------------

x First best friend: matthew
x First car: dont wanna talk about it
x First real date: lol!
x First self purchased album: i cant even remember what it was
x First piercing/tattoo: piercing - ears. tattoo- back.
x First enemy: never really had enemies until highschool
x First big trip: north carolina
x First Kiss: this kid alan i think
x First failing grade: never

----------------------In the Last Week -------------------

x Been mean: yeah
x Been sarcastic: everyday
x Talked to someone you have a crush on: yesss
x Hugged someone: yup
x Fought with your parents? never
x Got in an argument with your best friend: sure
x Laughed until you cried: naw
x Played Truth or Dare: noo
x Watched a sunrise/sunset: no....
x Went to the beach at night: no

-------------------Who Did this Last-----------------

x Called you: kourtni
x Slept in your bed: this one sweet ass girl.............me.
x Saw you cry: dont even kno
x Made you cry: dk
x Made you laugh: ray ray
x You shared a drink with: ray ray
x You went to the movies with: britt
x Went out to eat with: tara

x Bought you something: ray
x Sent you an email: crystal

-------------------------- Extras -----------------------------

x Black or white? white
x TV or movie? movie
X Cat or dog? cat
x Walmart or target? walmart
x Spring or Fall? spring
x Sun or rain? sun
x What are you gonna do after this? call sumone
x What was the last meal you ate? breakfast for din din
x Are you bored? not really
x Last noise you heard? music


x Shampoo: thermasilk
x Favorite Color: blue
x Summer/Winter/Fall/Spring: summer
x Favorite Movies: amittyville horror. the notebook.
x Favorite sport: basketball. baseball.

---------------------What are You?-------------------------

x Wearing: basketball shorts n a wife beater
x Thinking about: this girl
x Listening to: howie day - collide

------------------------Have You Ever 2-----------------------

x Been to Canada? uhhh yeaa
x Danced Naked? hah no
x Skinny dipped?
x Stalked someone? no but im not gon lie, it has crossed my mind
x Snuck out? no
x Wished you were the opposite sex: no

------------------------ Random ----------------------------

x Are you bored? naw
x Are you lonely? a little
x Are you happy? with sum things, yeah. Others, no.
x Do you drink? yea
x Who named you? tha pops
x When was the last time you showered? when i got done runnin today

x What color pants do you have one right now? no pants
x What song are you listening to right now? the all american rejects - the last song
x What color is your shirt? black
x What is right next to you? the cell
x What is your computer desk made of? idk
x Are you eating anything? nope
x What did you do last night? went to the movies
x How are you today? im okay, could def. be better tho

------------------------- Extras 2----------------------------

x Do you have your license? yea
x what book are you reading now? none
x Nickname: sammy mutha fuckin mae
x Pets: runt
x Siblings: 2 sis 1 bro
x Have you ever been so drunk you didn't remember that you were drunk: shiiit...yea.
x Taken any illegal substances: yea....
x Gone out in public in your pajamas: yeah
x Played ding-dong-ditch? dont even kno what that is
x Wanted to hook up with a friend/date them: yea
x Did something illegal?yeah
x Did you get caught? yeah
x Gotten arrested? no comment
x Gotten a ticket for something? yeah
x Prank called someone: yup

---------------------Do You Believe In----------------------

x Yourself: yes i do
x Santa Claus: sure
x Tooth Fairy: no
x Destiny/Fate: yea actually i do
x Angels: def.
x God: no

--------------------Friends and Life------------------------

x Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? um............
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2005|11:17 pm]
[Current Music |ying yang - badd]

Copied this from somone else's shiiiiiiiiiiiit...... So leave me the message... N gimme sum input

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. How have I affected you?
5. What do you think of me?
6. What's the fondest memory you have of me?
7. How long do you think we will be friends?
8. Do you love me?
9. Do you have a crush on me?
10. Would you kiss me?
11. Would you hug me?
12. Physically, what stands out?
13. Emotionally, what stands out?
14. Do you wish I was cooler?
15. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I?
16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
17. Am I loveable?
18. How long have you known me?
19. Describe me in one word.
20. What was your first impression?
21. Do you still think that way about me now?
22. What do you think my weakness is?
23. Do you think I'll get married?
24. What makes me happy?
25. What makes me sad?
26. What reminds you of me?
27. If you could give me anything what would it be?
28. How well do you know me?
29. When's the last time you saw me?
30. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
31. Do you think I could kill someone?
32. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?
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ima lil bored at tha momento [Jul. 26th, 2005|10:29 am]
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]
[Current Music |Mario - let me love you]

What are you like, when in love? by UhhhWhatever
Your name/nickname...
When in love, you are...Happy
Your love is...Beautiful
Your kisses are...Seductive
Your hugs are...Gentle
People love you because...You're humorous
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:) [Jul. 26th, 2005|10:22 am]
[Current Mood |goodgood]
[Current Music |Good Charlotte]

How you really say "I love you." by lenatheraven
...believe in true love?
Your hands sayWe fit together.
Your eyes sayYou're amazing.
Your hugs sayThis is where you are meant to be.
Your kisses sayYou mean the world to me.
Your body saysJust curl up next to me.
Your heart saysTe amo.
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Jus a lil sumthin [Jul. 26th, 2005|09:58 am]
[Current Mood |energeticenergetic]
[Current Music |T.I. - Bounce Like This (im obsessed)]

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...breath taking
Your hugs are...friendly
Your eyes...twinkle in the moonlight
Your touch is...the only thing I desire
Your smell is...amazing
Your smile is...hypnotising
Your love is...unique
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